Getting Started in the Blogosphere

This is my first entry in the world of blogging! Like nearly every person who has started a blog, I find it difficult to find a way to get things started. However, I got a lot of help getting set up from Janice Person (check out her blog at and I owe it to her to kick this thing off!

I am a fourth generation farmer. My dad and I farm around 400 acres of walnuts and almonds. For a little more about the history check out the “About” section of my blog. My plan with the blog is to not only let readers in on what goes on day-to-day and month-to-month on the farm but also nutrition information, some thoughts on ag issues and whatever else suits my fancy. All opinions are my own, but I will always try to back them up with facts and science. I may not always have perfect grammar or punctuation, but the idea is to let you get to know my personality through my writing.

Back to the farm. This is actually the perfect time to start writing a blog for a nut farmer. The trees are just waking up from a long winter slumber and will begin producing this year’s crop. Walnuts and almonds will only produce one crop per year. Almonds are generally about a month ahead of the walnuts. The almonds are just finishing up blooming and are starting to push out this year’s leaves. IMAG1207
We had terrific weather during bloom giving the bees ample time to do their work! We put one bee hive per acre to get optimum pollination. The early harvesting varieties of walnuts are just starting to show some signs of spring growth, but pollination for them is still a few weeks away.

That is what is going on in the fields for now. I will do my best to keep you posted on the latest on the farm. Feel free to leave thoughts or comments. Thanks for reading and remember to EAT MORE NUTS!!

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